Atul Srivastava

Director & CEO
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  • Phone: +13479191091

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Personal experience

Atul Srivastava stands at the forefront of the media industry as the esteemed Director & CEO of Nexstar Media Private Limited. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, he has steered the company to new heights, setting benchmarks in quality content and media solutions. Outside the boardroom, Atul is passionate about nurturing talent, believing that the future of media lies in the hands of the next generation. His leadership is not just about achieving business milestones, but also about making a meaningful impact on the industry and its stakeholders.

Professional skills

Atul Srivastava is a media mogul with a keen business acumen, blending strategic foresight with hands-on operational expertise. His proficiency in media planning, content curation, and digital transformation has been instrumental in Nexstar Media Private Limited's ascent in the media landscape. Adept at fostering partnerships and steering cross-functional teams, Atul's leadership skills are complemented by his deep understanding of audience analytics and market trends. Additionally, his commitment to innovation has empowered him to navigate the company through the evolving media ecosystem, ensuring it remains at the pinnacle of its domain.

Media Strategy & Planning

Team Leadership & Talent Nurturing

Career guidelines

As the Director & CEO of Nexstar Media Private Limited, your pivotal roles include:

  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Digital media strategy and execution
  • Team leadership and development
  • Overseeing content curation
  • Financial management and oversight
  • Driving innovation and adaptation
  • Monitoring industry trends and shifts
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